My conclusion over this software is that it does have some merit. I have now run 20 races each day dutching the three top-rated dogs and despite many losing days, I have ended the week on a small profit of 2.2pts. Considering that I achieved much the same result from simply backing the top-rated dog in the previous week, it may be that the other betting strategies suggested by the program might prove more profitable, as might betting on all the races available. There are, after all, up to 70 races every day if you are dedicated enough, so if this rate of progress was maintained through them all, it’s possible that a greater profit would be achieved. However, it is a lot of work and concentration for small returns, you need to be keen.

Since the average horse-racing service would be quite well served with 20 bets a week, I feel that nearly two weeks at 20 a day is a more than adequate test time for this program and I am quite happy to finish this test with a cautious rating of Approved. I say cautious because although my profit results are not great, there is the possibility of betting in many more races and the results could be more worthwhile. It would also be possible to use the lowest rated animals as the basis of a laying method, so that could also be an income stream.

You can get the Greyhound Race Grader here: