Sunday 28th July 2013

Well, we got back yesterdays loss .

One selection, Henlow 8.15 Trap 6 Bet 4 points to win at 5/2
Dog won so we got back 10 points

Now, I had the option of watching the race or the saddo’s on Top Gear. No Brainer

So, I can tell you the Industry SP was 6/4 while the last price shown on Betfair 2.52 providing support to my previous observation that at these higher price matched open races (£20,100 on this one) the Betfair price is a true reflection.
15 minutes prior to the off it was also 2.52 – with a total of only £80 matched – went to 2.6 at which I backed it with the idea of a trade. But the nearest dog was in the 4’s, double our dog’s price, so I left the bet on as it would have been the skinniest of a scalp.
I also bet on the place market at 1.62 , a fabulous value bet of 40% of the win price.

So my viewing decision really was a no brainer

As to the price advised, I looked on oddschecker some 65 minutes after his e.mail and best available was 2/1 and generally 7/4. So, once again, I believe the price advised probably is always available, but is pot luck whether you see the advice in time