“Oh Ye of Little Faith”

We were just 0.2 of a second away from 110 points profit tonight, but instead we have had to make do with 17 points.
Out tipster gave us 2 one point straight win bets and a trixie on another 3 dogs
The 2 straight bets won, as did the first 2 of the 3 leg trixie. The last leg was a miserable 0.2 of a second behind the winner
All races at Nottingham this evening
7.34 Trap 3 @ 5/1 SP 7/2 BSP equivalent the same £47k matched
8.34 Trap 2 @ 6/1 SP 9/2 BSP equivalent 11/2 £54k matched

The trixie
8.49 Trap 2 @ 5/2 SP 6/4 BSP equivalent 7/4 £49k matched
9.04 Trap 2 @ 9/4 SP 7/4 BSP equivalent 10/3 £86k matched
All the above 4 dogs won, then came the loser
9.19 Trap 3 @ 4/1 SP 3/1 BSP equivalent 7/2 £69k matched

Needless to say, a brilliant piece of tipping which, unless he throws lots of silly bets into the mix tomorrow, a good profit for the month is ensured
The sums matched in the open races continue to be at a level that takes away the discrepancy we experience with BAGS grade racing
It means that “layers” , if sticking to Open Races ,will not be at the level that makes laying dogs so difficult to profit from.
We just need to be able elimate the likely winners! Now THATS the way to make your next million