Wednesday 31st July 2013

End of our first month and as there are no selections today, we can summarise the month.

The Profit: 44.3 points at the advised figures.
That equates to £443 at £10 a point and £4430 at £100 a point.

Almost more important is the drawdown.

Taking the month in isolation, at one stage we were running at a loss of some 11 points, so your nerve would have to hold up to the extent of around £110 at the lower stake and £1100 at the higher (and various levels in between).

Unless you were fortunate to see the Masters’ tips when advised, you would be unlikely to have made the profits stated, but looking at the results I had I would guess you would be unlikely to have missed out on more than 10 points unless you were just betting at BSP.

As there is no racing tonight and if the boss lady doesn’t give me the ironing (!) I will take a look at SP and also have a glance at the placed dog records to see what we may have made – or not – from a guess at place BSP prices, my observations while following the live betting were that they were about 40% of the win prices. There may be a margin there, dependant on the success rate .

We will continue following the Master, as so far, it has been a profitable service from someone whose daily correspondence shows a man deeply involved in the Greyhound industry. Indeed, one day during the month he was on live Greyhound TV giving out tips, and during the live transmission picked 12 winners from 25 races.


You can try Greyhound Master Tipster here: