No kick and a punch to start this month, just a nice 8 point profit to start August off.

We were given 2 tips today – [plus some anti post which will be dealt with at the event) both at Hove yesterday evening August 1st
8.18 Trap 1 Bet 4 points to win @ 5/2 which it duly did ! So plus 10 points. The Industry SP was 5/4 and I was not able to check the odds available close to advice time nor watch the racing live
9.06 Trap 4 we were to bet 2 points @ 10/1. The dog was unplaced but I did manage to watch this.
Early Betfair price was 6.2 ( just over 5/1) so as with many of the Masters suggestions, if you get early prices, there are some trading opportunities, both tonights came into that category. The Betfair price moved a lot , into 8’s. back to 7’s, into 9;s then back again to 7’s finally reaching 10 before going off at 9.4 with some £46k matched on the race. The dog had an industry SP of 6/1, meaning the Betfair price was over 30% up
This does not contradict my observations in earlier posts that the disparity in Betfair to Industry odds is less in Open Races due to liquidity as in both cases it is more relevant to the lower priced animals where the money has been bet,
For example in this particular race there was a VERY hot favourite, it went off at 4/7 – the last time I noticed it on Betfair it had fallen from 2.02 to 1.7 and probably went down further ( I was watching the price of our dog) so the money was there.
Misguided money though, it came next to last, beaten by ours !!
Am still working through the various betting options, as my initial thoughts on place price ratios again appears to be dependant on liquidity.
The 40% figure I gave seems consistent at the bottom price range while it is typically turning out at 32 % or thereabouts on mid range and 20-25 % on the high pricers.