Friday 23rd August

What you miss, dear reader, is the outline not only to the tips formally given but opinions on others that are likely to win but he feels would be “non value” odds. These often win

We also get information on previous selections if thought pertinent.

This afternoon in the Open Meeting at Monmore, we were given 2 selections
4.37 Trap 1 with a bet of 5 points to win at 2/1
The dog brought home the bacon at an SP of 6/4. So our advised profit 10 more points
In the 4.57 Trap 3 bet 4 points to win at 13/8
It won at Evens, the profit is 6 1/2 points, total 16 1/2 on the day.

An impressive 45 1/2 for the month to date, with 6 winning dogs out of the last seven advised (plus a couple of odds on winners advised informally and not included here.

Now , do we keep our money in our pocket or get on for the ride……………