31st August 2913
There are no bets today so we can summarise the results for the month of August

This is our second month of review and as the first, profitable

Using my figures, the profit is 39 points, but as I did not account for the large number of early August ante post results, the figure reduces to some 33 points.

Two cautionary notes:-
1. The profits are calculated by using the tipsters price at the time advised.
Sometimes those prices were still available an hour or so after the advice was received, a couple of times a price better than the advised price was available, but generally the figures obtainable were lower.
I did find, though, on those occasions when I was able to follow the racing live on Betfair, that a price around the one advised were often available.

So I do not consider the months profit to be marginal enough to be concerned.

2. What is a point.
As a rule I dislike the multiple point bets. On tipster bets 10 points on every selection. So a months profit of 30 points is really just 3 ! So it is a phoney sales angle and very misleading.
However, The Greyhound Master Tipster has bet, during August, from 0.5 points to 8 points, the odd 2 and 3 , a couple of 5’s,with 1 point often being the ante post bet, but mainly 4 points are the mainstream bets

At the end of our review next month, I will look at the effect of using the 4 point bet as being just 1 point, with the 1 point bets as 1/4 and, for example, the 8 point as a 2 pointer.

However, I am still impressed overall with this tipster. As a subscriber you get other “free” bets of which you would gain further profits