This service is operated by Kevin Dear who lists a similar background to me although exclusively Greyhounds.

The service costs £40 per month with a first month introductory offer of £30

Results are shown from Summer last year when it went along at around break even then took off in August since when, to the end of June it has amassed over 300 points from a low level of activity – not a reliance of thousands of bets.

Greyhound racing is difficult to “crack”

Kevin, as a rule, punts only on Open Races, missing out graded races – which the Bags races in particular are really for the Bookmakers benefit – on the basis that the quality of the animal, training methods and race selection gives a consistency of result – akin I suppose, to following only listed races on the horses.

Tips are sent by e-mail and also available on the daily information site, and reasons for the selection given, with a suggested points stake. There are ante post selections and also multiples.

I tested this from July 2013 onwards.

All the racing for September has finished, with a profit for the month of 33 points, adjusted to take into account ante post bets.

September has seen the highest number of bets and a slightly lower strike rate, due to a larger volume of ante post bets, but by and large, each of the 3 months we have followed has been relatively consistent, certainly in Tipster terms.

The broad statistics for the 3 months are:-

Total Bets 104
Total Wins 36 ( a little over 36% strike rate)
Total Profit 110 ( expressed in points at advised bets and prices)

Points Bet 319
Average per bet 3 plus
Profit per point 0.3 plus

Average points profit per month has been 36 which is remarkably consistent with the previous 11 months which returned a little over 30 points a month.

This tipster varies his points per bet a lot unlike many tipsters who I suspect use multiple point bets to inflate their profits ( if any).

Were you to use The Masters 3 point average as effectively one point, the “true” monthly average profit would be about 11 points. Good I think.

Would I use these tips?


They are “proper” tips, considered and from knowledge, and that knowledge is concentrated in a particular area of racing and at particular venues where he has real contacts. Many days a month there are no bets, so you only get them when he considers they are worthwhile.

The advised price on which the results are based can be a minefield with some sites but I do not believe it is here. I have checked where possible and found I could get the price offered, and on the odd bet even higher, and if you bet on Betfair you will often get the advised price and, again, I have got higher.

From 1st October, he is going to add his “Newsletter” free bet to subscribers too. This has proved popular and, I understand, profitable.Approved2

You can try Greyhound Master Tipster Here: