Sunday October 6th

I was wrong about the 5th, nothing ended up being selected, but we had a cracker of a result tonight

As usual, Henlow was the venue

7.00 p.m. 2 points to wina 9/4 trap 6 WON
9.15 p.m. 4 points to win at 11/8 trap 2 WON

We got ourselves a 10 point profit for the night, making the month to date 17 points

A couple of observations, the first winner went off at 11/8 while the second was 8/11.
I watched the Betfair live betting, and it went off at a close to ISP of 1.66 with £18,000 matched on the race
I was intending to lay the second in the forecast which was 4/1/
It came second at an ISP of 6/1 but unbelievably the BSP price was 19.00 – treble the ISP
So I did not do the lay, an untenable difference in price precluded it