There have been no selections since I last wrote, but today, Thursday 18th July we have a “London Buses” situation – nothing happens, then they all come at once !

Hove 9.06 p.m. 2 points to win trap 1. Lost

Sunderland provides the remainder of the bets

20.34 Drumcore Lad bet 6 points to win @ 5/2. Our dog won – Plus 15points .SP was 7/4
20.49 Bubbly Charlie bet 4 points to win @5/2. Another winner to give a further 10 points profit Again SP was 7/4

Dogs were selected for the 21.04 and 21.19, but as a double, not singles

21.04 Calzaghe Lily – came 2nd at SP Evens. I followed this race live. Betfair opened at 2.16 went to 2.46 and closed at 2,26. Just over £30k was matched as opposed to £11k at the Hove race.
21.19, the second leg of the double was Pinpoint Maxi who WON @SP 4/5 This dog opened on Betfair at 1.79 and went out to 2.1 at the off. Over £51k was matched on this race
We were advised to bet 6 points on a win double at 3/1, so we lost 6 points

So our net profit for the night was a tasty 17 points, giving us a July to date profit approaching 30 points

It has been asked by a perceptive reader whether the prices on which the profits are based are attainable.

It can only be answered by a check as close to the time of the bets advice to us as possible.
As I do not sit by the computer all day, this I cannot always do.
For example, I saw todays first advice some 45 minutes after being sent. The price given was 6/1 and I could only get 5/1. But of course, he uses BOG so if the SP is higher than the advised price, even if you do not get the best price to start, you would still get the higher return in real life, while our profit calculation would remain on the , then, advised lower figure

A second tip today popped up while was working on the computer so checked the price just 3 minutes later. The advised price was 7/2 and that price was still available

So I would pass the opinion that the advised prices are real and from what I can see attainable but with the caveat you need to keep checking.