Results for the late night selections Friday 19th July

As they go up, they shall also come down

After a spectacular rise in our profitability on Thursday a drop today with a loss of 5 points.

Both races at Romford
10.11 p.m. Trap 3 we were advised to bet 3 points, dog LOST It opened at 4.8 on Betfair, fell to 4.3, went off at 4,8 and the SP was 3/1 .Sum matched £34k
10.40 trap 6 a 2 point win bet advised, the dog LOST Opened on Betfair at 4.7 went as high as 5,2 and went off at 4.1 Sum matched on Betfair £27k

The running profit for the month is still very healthy.

Intermediate comments are that we are seeing Industry reported S.P.’s being very close to the Betfair prices at the off, this is clearly due to the relatively high matched sums being bet on Betfair on these open races.
At the late hours, sums matched on Graded races (A1 to A7) are often in the hundreds rather than thousands which is why the prices are so distorted relative to the published Industry SP’s, so those of us who are layers will get more realistic prices
A look at place betting on Betfair still shows value in backing , though, I am noticing place prices as high as 40% of the win price. There again, even in Open Races, the place bet sums match are much lower.

I will spend an evening kust watching the place market to see whether my assumptions are borne out as relevant over a higher number of races.

No selections have been made for Saturday so there will not be a post until Monday when I will report on any Sunday selections should there be any.