This is another bit of software from Horse Racing Rates that costs just £39.99 for a full year license. It’s almost identical to Greyhound Lay Top Form that I have reviewed. You simply load it up, click on Scan and it scans the whole day’s greyhound races looking for dogs that fit their set criteria. After about a minute you can see the list of selections for the day. You can then click on the export button and it creates a Bet Engine file (or a Bet sender file if you prefer) so that you can quickly and easily load it into your bot to place the bets for you.

They advise using the Bet Engines ‘gentle’ recovery staking plan called Lay 1-4 and setting the maximum lay odds at 4.0.

The results published on their website from 06/01/2016 – 25/02/2016 shows a strike rate at a steady 74.1% and a profit of 82 points.

I began testing this on 7th March 2016 and ran it daily with a live account, betting to £1 stakes, until the end of May 2016, so just under three months.

Here are the results:


Bets: 431
Successful: 303
Unsuccessful: 128
Strike Rate: 70.3
Average Odds: 3.52

Profit: -37.58 points

As you can see from the graph there are almost as many bets in three months with this software as there were in seven months with the Winning Form version. However, the results are even worse. I was in profit for the first day and then quickly nose dived to a loss of over 150 points, and then remained in the red pretty much the remainder of the trial. Towards the end I did recover my losses and I had a glimmer of hope that this might be worthwhile, but that didn’t last long and I soon went kamikaze again, diving into losses and ending with a 37 point deficit.

This has to go down as a fail.

You can try Greyhound Winning Lays here:Failed