When it comes to game-changers, you’re about to witness one of the biggest.  Here is a game-changer that has evolved from years of painstaking research, built on a highly respected trading method that is now being courted by the top hedge funds.

The OViCoPilot is the new automated module of Guy Cohen’s unique OVI-Flag trading method.

With no human interference, no compounding and no leverage, this system achieved net profits of over 208% (that’s triple the account), and these results include the time of the 2008-09 crash (the biggest since 1929).

Guy is hosting a free live training session tomorrow 17th September and will unveil the results of the OViCoPilot.

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Guy’s unique technique combines price action together with hidden transaction activity to form a brilliant “forensic” method of trading.

He’s now taken this to a new level with the OViCoPilot.

The OViCoPilot stays true to Guy’s classic method, finding the best OVI-Flag combinations, and capitalizing on big moves BEFORE THEY HAPPEN!

Discover more at the exclusive live webinar demonstrating the unique OVI-FlagTrader method AND the OViCoPilot which may change the way you trade for good.

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During the webinar Guy will reveal in detail how the new automated OViCoPilot works, and how it now makes it even easier for you to benefit from his unique approach.

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  • A proven trading system that has tripled a portfolio’s value and requires a maximum of only 3-5 minutes per day.
  • How conservative compounding DOUBLES those returns, and how modest leverage DOUBLES them again!
  • How to profit from legally ‘snooping’ on insiders, giving you an early alert to huge moves BEFORE THEY HAPPEN.
  • How to take full advantage of the best patterns in the market right now.
  • The one sure way to be safe during unhelpful market conditions.
  • The new automated OViCoPilot which has been tested to tough institutional standards, making trading even easier and more efficient, while also reducing risk.

Join Guy on Tuesday, September 17th at 7pm ET (UK Time Zone) as he demonstrates his proprietary OVI-FlagTrader system in a live webinar that will improve your trading results, for good.

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