One of the first things I look for when assessing a betting or trading strategy is to see if the vendors selling the method or service actually use it themselves. Often vendors are simply sales websites looking to profit from the sales of strategies rather than from the process of using them.

Now, to be fair, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the strategy isn’t any good, but if the vendor of a strategy is actually using it for themselves then obviously this adds a lot of credence to the method in question.

If the vendor walks the walk as well as talking the talk, then he might well be worth listening to.

Last week I was invited to the home of millionaire financial trader Guy Cohen. This is a person who most definitely walks the walk. You can see a short film of my visit in the video below and I’d highly recommend giving that some serious attention. In fact you might want to watch it a couple of times as there is a lot of useful information to absorb.

Long story short, if you want to go into the next decade with the knowledge, skills and tools to make a full time living from financial trading, with no previous experience required, and only spending ten minutes a day ‘working’, then watch this now:

More information here

P.S. Guy is currently offering a massive discount but this expires this week and you will most definitely kick yourself if you miss the deadline (although it’ll still be worth it at full price).