This is a one-off review for both the H2H Historical Scanner and the Euro H2H Scanner.

Although these scanners are sold separately, they are almost identical in terms of form and function rendering two separate reviews pointless.

These scanners are designed to run on any Windows based computer and, after purchasing, are downloaded via a zip file. You then register the product and a user code is supplied by email.

The best way to see how these work is to watch this short video:


The H2h Scanner shown in the video is the English & Scottish league version and covers the top five English and top four Scottish leagues.

The Euro version covers the top division in; Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. It works exactly the same as the one shown in the video.

Since the video was recorded, a couple of additional features have been added to the UK version and, I’m told, will be added to the Euro version very soon.

They have added the option to save information to a .csv file, for later analysis, and have also added the option to see the Implied Decimal Odds equivalent of the percentage value given.

As you can see, it’s a very useful betting tool.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest for one moment that you place bets based purely on the percentages given by the scanner. But I do think it’s a very good way of building a shortlist for further investigation.

Let me explain how I’ve been using this to good effect.

Although these scanners will provide results going back as far as 2005, depending on how often these teams have met in the relevant division, I’d only be interested in betting on games where there are at least 4 or 5 recent meetings that mirror the overall percentage given by the scanner.

I’d want to see a strong trend, so I’d be looking for as high a percentage as possible.

Once I have a shortlist of bets with recent H2H form showing a high percentage figures, I can go to a decent stat site and check the teams’ recent form, just to check that there’s nothing too off-putting been going on.

From there. I simply go to oddschecker and make sure I can get a price well clear of the implied odds given by the software.

I’ve tried this over the past few weekends and have found it a very good way of finding decent value bets.

I does seem daunting to go through every fixture when searching for bets, but if you stick to only spending time looking at ones that have at least 4 recent(ish) records, you can zip through the leagues fairly quickly.

Last weekend, I went through the lower league games, as the International break took all the big boys out of the equation, and only came up with 2 bets I fancied the look of. Oxford to win at home and Braintree v Grimsby to be a NO on BTTS. Both fixtures had 4 recent H2H records, nothing too worrying in their recent form (altho Braintree were a bit borderline) and the bets were available at very decent price compared to the one quoted. Both won.

I’m happy with how the software functions and the email back up is as good as ever from this company. With a little bit of extra form digging, I’m certain both of these will you help find good solid bets at value prices.

What’s more, they are both available for the very reasonable promotional price of £9.99 each. That gets you a year long license. The usual price quoted is £29.99 each, so you can get both for less than the usual price of one.

Both are suitable of the APPROVED list.Approved2