I’m delighted to report that this approved service continues to deliver profits. Six months on from my last report have yielded an additional profit of 116.98 pts. This brings a very impressive total of 511.31 pts profit over 18 months with a return on the initial starting bank of 170.44 %.

Here are the stats for the eighteen-month period:

Starting Review Date: 10th May 2022

Current Review Period End Date: 9th November 2023

Starting Bank (recommended): 300 pts

Minimum Bank: 243.48 pts (15th October 2022)

Maximum Bank: 829.38 pts (3rd October 2023)

Number of Profitable Months: 12/18

Current Bank: 811.31 pts

Number of Bets: 1131

Non-Runners or Race Void: 103

Number of Profitable Bets: 180

Strike Rate (% of profitable bets): 17.51%

Longest Losing Run: 20 tips

Odds Range: 6.0 to 201.0

Profit/Loss: 511.31 pts

Return on Bank: 170.44 %

Betting at the standard CashMaster £10 a point (equating to £5 each way) results in a gross profit of £2556.55

and a net profit of £1941.55 (after fees of £615).

The graph below follows the bank over the eighteen-month period, starting at 300 pts:

The above graph represents results from the recommended bookmakers (and I mainly used Bet365 which often has the best odds).

I’ve also been monitoring profit/loss over the last six months with a) Bet365 Each Way Extra; b) a small independent bookmaker, and c) Tote (win only).

a) Bet365

Bet365 has a feature called Each Way Extra on horse racing that is not available (that I am aware of) with other bookmakers. It allows one to select up to ten extra places (depending on the number of horses in the particular race). This feature is available in most UK races and some Irish races.

For every tip, I selected the maximum number of places. The following graph shows the bank over the recent six-month period. There was a resultant profit of 26.6 pts. This is a respectable profit for a six-month period and for the standard cash master, £10 (£5 each way) gives an additional profit of £133.

b) Small Independent Bookmaker

This was unsuccessful and led to a loss of 152.96 pts over the last six months. The issue here is not primarily the lower each-way odds, but the lack of an extra each-way place compared to the big bookmakers (Bet365, Paddy Power, etc.) Many times a horse came in 4th with only 3 places available with this bookmaker.

c) Tote

The Tote place odds are so poor that I only placed one-point win bets with it. There was a loss of 166.74 pts during the six months.

Clearly, place returns are vital for the profitability of the service. So stick with bookmakers that offer the same number of places indicated in the advised tips.

Hanbury Racing Tips remains my all-time favourite personally reviewed Tipster at CashMaster.

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