A loss of 35.60 pts during the month, but we are still well in profit after three months.

I’ll get straight to the important stats:

Starting Review Date: 10th May 2022

Current Review Period End Date: 9th August 2022

Starting Bank (recommended): 300 pts

Minimum Bank: 300.00 pts (10th May 2022)

Maximum Bank: 423.93 pts (26th June 2022)

Number of Profitable Months: 2/3

Current Bank: 354.70 pts

Number of Bets: 193

Non-Runners: 17

The number of Profitable Bets: +31

Strike Rate: 17.61 %

Odds Range: 11.0 to 201.0

Profit/Loss: +54.70 pts

Return on Bank: 18.23 %

Time Taken to Place Bets and Check Results each day: 0-15 mins (depending on how many bets there are and how many to check from the previous day). This equates to about 8 mins per day on average.

Subscriptions can be purchased for a two-week trial and also for one, three, six, and twelve-month periods.

You can sign up here