It’s a real delight at long last to report on a super profitable tipster. A huge profit of 404.33 pts for mostly 1 point each way betting with a remarkable return on the starting bank of 134.78 %.

Since the last update six months ago, every month has returned a profit with an overall gain during this period of 367.27 pts. This clearly warrants an upgrade from Neutral to Approved.

Here are the stats for the one-year review:

Starting Review Date: 10th May 2022

Current Review Period End Date: 9th May 2023

Starting Bank (recommended): 300 pts

Minimum Bank: 243.48 pts (15th October 2022)

Maximum Bank: 732.93 pts (27th April 2023)

Number of Profitable Months: 9/12

Current Bank: 704.33 pts

Number of Bets: 750

Non-Runners or Race Void: 81

Number of Profitable Bets: 119

Strike Rate (% of profitable bets): 17.79 %

Longest Tip Losing Run: 20

Odds Range: 6.0 to 201.0

Profit/Loss: 404.33 pts

Return on Bank: 134.78 %

Betting at the standard CashMaster £10 a point (equating to £5 each way) results in a gross profit of £2021.65 and a net profit of £1611.65 (after fees of £410).

Odds availability: odds are advised by email at 8.01 am or very shortly afterward (plus sometimes late Friday afternoon). One needs to be ready at 8 am as some of the odds can fall quickly. I used the following bookmakers mainly: Bet365, Paddypower, and BetVictor. Plus others: Betfair Sportsbook, William Hill, Betfred and BetUK. By far the best bookie for this tipster is Bet365 which has Best Odds Guaranteed at this time in the morning and frequently the best odds.

It is important to note that the email tips are sent out automatically at 8 am, but they are prepared around midnight until 2 am. So some of the odds in the email are no longer available. All my results are from the odds that are available at 8.01 am or very shortly afterward when the email arrives.

The graph below gives the bank over the one-year period, starting at 300 pts:

As one can see from the graph above, there was a very long losing streak of 180.45 points over 218 tips (from Tip Number 118 to Tip Number 336) covering almost four months. This explains why the initial six-month review only garnered a neutral rating. Given the average odds (about 34.0) of the tips, long-losing streaks are inevitable.

Nevertheless, this is the best tipster that I’ve ever reviewed and achieves an obvious pass. However, a strong caveat: this service is not for the novice gambler or the faint-hearted. It’s best for semi-professional or professional gamblers. The downfall in the graph lasted over 14 weeks and if one had signed up for a 6-month period at the start of the downturn, placing £5 each way bets, one would have been out of pocket by £1127.75 (including fees). This is, however, why we have a starting bank of 300. If the starting bank was 300 pts at Tip Number 118, it would have fallen to 119.55 pts at Tip Number 336: so the bank was still well intact.

Given also the size of the profit, the service would return profits (albeit reduced) for almost all, if not all, bookmakers posting early prices.

Always remember that past performance is not always indicative of future performance.

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