The last six months have seen a new bank peak of 865.28 pts but an overall drawdown of 106.87 pts.

The final bank stands at 704.44 pts, representing a massive profit of 404.44 pts over two years. However, the profit was only 0.12 pts over the last year, indicating the service’s strong volatility.

Here are the full two-year stats in a nutshell:

Starting Review Date: 10th May 2022

Current Review Period End Date: 9th May 2024

Starting Bank (recommended): 300 pts

Minimum Bank: 243.48 pts (15th October 2022)

Maximum Bank: 865.28 pts (30th November 2023)

Number of Profitable Months: 15/24

Current Bank: 704.44 pts

Number of Bets: 1374

Non-Runners or Race Void: 128

Number of Profitable Bets: 213

Strike Rate (% of profitable bets): 17.09%

Longest Losing Run: 30 tips

Largest Drawdown: 180.45 pts

Odds Range: 3.25 to 251.0

Profit/Loss: 404.44 pts

Return on Bank: 134.81%

Betting at the standard CashMaster £10 a point (equating to £5 each way) results in a gross profit of £2022.20

and a net profit of £1202.20 (after two-year fees of £820).

£50 a point (equating to £25 each way) would result in a net profit of £9291.

The graph below follows the bank over the two-year period, starting at 300 pts:

The overall trend from the graph above looks upwards; however, the past 12 months have produced virtually no profit. This is clearly a highly volatile service best suited for punters looking for meaningful returns over some years, i.e., the semi-professional or professional bettor. And, of course, an important point: no one can predict the service’s future performance.

The maximum drawdown was 180.45 pts, well within the 300 pts allocated to the starting bank.

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