This is a backing service that targets decent priced horses to win and place on Betfair.

The idea is that the selections represent value as the market is generally unaware of the true chance of the horse winning and therefore prices are often larger than industry starting prices.

As we all know, so long as we are getting value bets, we will profit in the long term.

Tips are sent by e-mail late morning and the advice is to bet to level stakes with 30% going on the selection to win, and 70% on it to place. This provides a steady bank growth as many that do not win, do make the place.

The published results since the service started in May last year are as follows:

Total bets: 188
Won or placed: 142
lost: 46
Strike rate: 75%

Profit: £24,418 including Betfair 5% commission charge using the recommended staking plan of 70% place and 30% win to a stake of £100.

I’ve been using the service since 14th January this year, with just £10 stakes (£3 on win, £7 on place) while I test it and my results are as follows:

Win Market:

Bets: 10
Won : 4
Lost: 6
S/R : 40%
Odds: 8.9

Profit: £72.06

Place Market:

Bets: 10
Won : 6
Lost: 4
S/R : 60%
Odds: 2.43

Profit: £29.18

Total Profit: £101.24

So that’s ten points profit in my first month with only ten bets which I’m very pleased with.

As you can see, there are not a lot of bets, so far averaging two and a half a week, so it’s a relaxed service but it appears to be performing as the published results suggest.

I will continue this trial for another two months before giving a verdict and probably continue throughout the year if it is this profitable.

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