This trading system continues to do extremely well.

So far this year HAV has identified 77 trades (this will include rolling some positions from one contract into the next), 71 of which have closed for a combined profit of 80.47% and as you can see from the screenshot the 6 below positions are currently showing an unrealised profit of another 18.6%.


Val Harrison is an extremely successful and respected trader. He’s featured on the money program, has written books and articles for the FT as well as having running a million pound options syndicate in the past.

HAVTrading is more akin to a traditional buy and hold strategy, it trades the FX and Indices futures prices and can hold positions for weeks or possibly months.

They have reopened the doors to new members with a new offer.

Offer is 3 part payments of £131, £132, £132 (taken at order and then every 33 days). The trial is 60 days, so the final payment isn’t taken until after the trial has ended.

This part payment offer will close on Friday 13th.

If you haven’t tried HAV Trading yet, then take out the 60 day trial offer and see what you think: