“Have you the patience to become rich!”

Personally,  I was a little hesitant when HAV Trading first appeared on these pages of Cashmaster a few weeks back, thinking it was to be another Forex opportunity for those wishing to get involved in the money markets that would be a non-starter for most, quite ill-suited to those of us who work 9 to 5 (or equivalent).  Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong…..!

VAL Harrison, the author of this spread betting method to trade the currency and equity markets, was formerly a veterinary surgeon with a practice in Birmingham but found financial matters more interesting and diverted his business efforts down this path and was rewarded enough with his abilities at trading commodities, to be able to take early retirement. He is recognised in financial circles having written books, articles in the FT and was also featured  in the Investors Chronicle and on the BBCs The Money Programme. Clearly he has some sound credentials. So, when in his manual he states that the HAV Trading method is “… the most powerful investment tool I have come across in my whole life.” – this statement should be taken very seriously.

The method underpinning the signals that HAV Trading finds is simple to understand and the colour printed manual that is posted to you when you subscribe, is well written, concise and should answer most questions that  you may have before you consider going live with your trades. After reading the manual you will be able to get stuck in and  look for the signals yourself, that present themselves each week.

Better that you await the newsletter that will float into your inbox late Friday afternoon advising the trades that should  be taken along with stop levels and staking requirements.

It is quite effortless as the reading of the charts is done for you by the author. Sometimes Val may advise closure of a trade quickly and for this reason he suggests that you send him your mobile number. In this way when an event presents itself, he will SMS text all subscribers with a notification requiring prompt action.

The method is not a scalping technique, but quite the opposite. The signals that his method  finds clearly identify a likely move either long or short, in the currency or equity markets. The methodology employed, aims to get a trade on at exactly the right moment in order to ride these big market moves and make the target 5% profit on each and every trade. As such, some trades can remain in play for many weeks, others only a few days.

Unbelievably,  VAL backtested the method and according to his records – the worst-case scenario  – a stop loss positioned a maximum of 10% from the opening price, has been hit only 6 times in 12 years!

In summary, the newsletter on Friday advises of likely movers/trades to take, first thing on Monday morning , place your trades .. Done.
The Following Fridays newsletter will likely advise the re-positioning of the stops to lock in profit where necessary. Trades are either closed manually as mentioned or closed automatically when either the trend reverses and the stop is hit or the 5% profit target is hit. The system may only advise one trade per week, perhaps none at all. After all, if the signals are not there.. as far as the HAV trading method is concerned, there is no viable trading opportunity. Other weeks there may be a handful of opportunities to trade. Using the same level of risk / staking  that Val advises, the targeted annual return is 50%!

You could use any spread betting account provider but Val recommends ETX Capital for their low spread costs and competitive margin requirements. The other thing you will need to bear in mind is the technical chart details illustrations in the manual are from the ETX trading platform so it makes sense when understanding a method to be looking at and working from the same charts.

For margin requirements, the method recommends a trading bank of at least £2,500. However, you could of course use smaller and scale down your stakes accordingly. The manual shows you a way in which to trade positions under the brokers minimum too, which is great whilst you are finding your feet, developing your confidence and understanding the strategy.

The initial outlay for the manual and a years worth of email-newsletters, is £400 . Some of you may perhaps consider this expensive. This amounts to a little more than £7.50 per week. However, if the claims are to be believed, your initial outlay is likely to be covered many times over.

The HAV Trading method comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are even remotely interested, grab yourself a copy of this unique trading opportunity, while you still can. Suffice it to say that I have been trading this method for 5 weeks now with no nasty surprises and am really enjoying it. I will summarise my results, when my 60 days are up , nearer the end of this month.

You can try HAV Trading for 60 days risk free here: