As you know HAV Trading is one of my top recommended trading strategies with it bringing in profits for the last 21 years! It takes under 30 minutes a WEEK to operate too so can be used by almost anyone no matter how busy they are.

Mark Rose, who publishes the method, hasn’t increased the price for years and so will be raising it to £749 very soon, and it’s worth every penny. But if you want to get it at the current price of £495 before it goes up, then now is the time to buy.

Here’s what Mark has to say about it:

The trading strategy I want to tell you about today has been around for such a long time that I’m often guilty of taking it for granted.

It brings in a healthy income, and I barely give it a second thought.

In fact, so much so, that I’ve been giving it away for next-to-nothing.

I hate putting up prices (in fact, I haven’t raised the price of this since 2017!) The whole ethos of Trader’s Bulletin is that I want people to get access to great trading ideas for minimal cost. But my accountant has been on my back! So, middle of this month (the 16th), I’m going to increase the cost of this to something more fitting for a strategy of this calibre. But I thought I’d offer you, as a loyal Trader’s Bulletin member, a final chance to get in at the old price (just don’t tell my accounts guy!).

I feel incredibly lucky to be one of the few people who’ve known about this – and used it – for years.

I can’t even hold it up against other trading methods – because there’s simply nothing else like it out there.

Most trading strategies work for a while, but markets adjust, and we move on to the next hot thing. This is as true with systems we build ourselves as it is with major investment funds – the average lifespan of a hedge fund is just 5 years.

This strategy has a staggering 21 years’ worth of results and shows absolutely no signs of letting up. I fully expect it still to be bringing in profits 21 years from now.

But I’m not going to bang on about how great this is – because the results speak for themselves. Instead, I’m going to show you EVERY SINGLE TRADE this has signalled since February 2000, with entry and exit prices, so there’s no doubt about transparency here. You can see exactly how this has performed by looking at the blow-by-blow results at the foot of this page.

That’s just over 1,000 trades in 21 years, which works out at fewer than 50 trades per year. These are managed with minimal effort, checking just once a week.

In 2020, this brought in profits of 49.48%. So far this year, I’ve closed 29.03% profits. And since 2010, it’s made 295%.

Please bear in mind that these results are based on fixed trading bank, assuming that you withdraw your winnings. If you reinvest them, with compound investing then the profits will be significantly higher.

This is a final chance to get on board at start-up prices. I really can’t keep giving this away at the price I have – it’s about to get a re-brand and a serious price hike!

Get in now


P.S. As promised, you can find a full trade-by-trade track record by clicking on the link here – this shows every single trade signalled since February 2000!

P.P.S. Please remember, this is the last chance to get in before I have to put a more appropriate price tag on this!

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