Following on from my post this week about HAV Trading, Mark put out this final update before the price increase on Monday:

Sorry to be contacting you again but time is limited on this opportunity and there are a couple of important things I thought you should know.

First is a glimpse at my open positions right now on HAV Trading:

That’s £1,411.15 of profit!

If you’d like to join me on these simple trading signals, please just click on the link below.

But perhaps you have more questions, which brings me to my second reason for contacting you.

I’ve had a few queries for more information on the workings of the HAV Trading system, so I wanted to outline the important stuff. HAV Trading is my once-a-week trading system, that’s been churning out profits for me since 2013 (with a track record going back even further!)

It involves running through a simple 3-point checklist each weekend, looking for some simple technical signals (no guesswork – signals are a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’). I’ll also email you at weekends, just for confirmation, so you can be sure you’re on the right track.

We trade 9 major indices, including the Dow Jones and the FTSE, along with 9 major Forex pairs.

This is seriously low-effort trading – we place, on average, around 4 or 5 trades a month, and only check on them once a week (on a Monday morning or Sunday evening – whichever is most convenient).

And this very simple habit, as achieved these spectacular results:

Looking forward to having you on board. Don’t forget, this comes with a cast-iron 60-day guarantee, so you can test out these signals for the next 60 days, without taking any risk.

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P. S. This is the final time HAV Trading will be available at current prices. After the 16th August, this offer must close – so please act promptly.

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