We tested and approved HAV trading back in 2013 and today I have an interview with the publisher, Mark Rose, for you.

HAV Trading takes less than 30 minutes a week to operate and has been consistently profitable for 20 years, making £12,500 profit last year and is 20% up this year already.

You can get a massive 30% discount on this until 31st May 2021, but even at full price it’s great value. You also get a full 60 days to test it out for yourself risk free, and if you’re not happy with it, just get a refund.

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Original Review

Well, as we all know opportunities to get on board a good thing do not last forever and this applies to HAV Trading the method I have been blogging since the start of April.

I opened with the recommended bank of £2,500 (not a dummy trading account) and in a relatively short period of time the HAV Trading method accelerated the bank with a 35% increase in this time!

This is not a licence to print money however and recent weeks have made us aware of the volatility of the FOREX markets as economic climates dictate and as such we have seen a reduction in the balance which Val assures is as normal as the ebb and flow of the tide (how poetic!)..

– HAV Trading has made over 2,500 points since it launched in March
this year.

– It places trades once a week on equities and forex markets, and
they can run for several weeks, only requiring attention weekly.

– Full details of Val’s 3 secret signals are laid out in the manual.

– If you prefer to trade the “lazy” way – you can simply follow
Val’s weekly emails and SMS messages.

– HAV Trading has a spectacular track record going all the way back
to October 2000.

– HAV Trading is currently available on an easy-payment scheme, so
you can get started for just a fraction of the usual cost (£165 for the 33 days, then £165 with a final payment of £165, some 33 days after that).

This covers the purchase of the manual containing the method that is posted to you and a years worth of weekly/emailed newsletters.

Not forgetting this is also covered by a 60 day ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee, so if you feel that this really isnt for you – you can return the manual within the guarantee period, for a full refund.

On the basis of what I have seen so far – this method does deliver the goods. It will not provide you with an overnight success story and a solution to your money troubles in the blink of an eye. It will require a degree of patience on your part (hence, the tagline ‘Do You Have the Patience to Become Rich?).

But, for new arrivals to trading and specifically trading FOREX, the manual is concise and illustrated to explain exactly what you need to do, and at a level that I believe leaves few questions unanswered.

The weekly newsletters are detailed and leave no doubt to which trades you need to take and what the trading stops etc. should be.

If my comments have sparked your interest at all I think you really ought to give this a go, it could be one of the best opportunities to make money long term from FOREX that you are ever presented with.

You can get HAV Trading here: