Subscribers had an early email from VAL on Monday morning, to advise action be taken to close our Hangseng index position. This being the most volatile index that we trade – although we were still about 280 pips (in my particular case), from the limit stop being activated, he figured that with the significant up-trend witnessed overnight, we would be best placed to take the profit our positions had made.
In my case, a very appealing 7%.

Although the method is quite specific in how to determine if a trading opportunity on a particular market exists, the advice on positions is a little more flexible. So, if the markets move significantly in our favour, it is quite acceptable to close the position earlier, if necessary, than wait for the profit target / limit stop, to be hit. Although, I would recommend waiting for a formal acknowledgement from VAL via either an email / newsletter / SMS text , before such action is taken.

Totals follow :

Hong Kong 40 Buy 0.2 22492 23366 20/5/13 £174.80 (+7.0)
AUDUSD Sell 0.3 1.0181 0.9732 16/5/13 £134.70
EURJPY Buy 0.3 128.1 132.48 14/5/13 £131.40
US Tech 100 Buy 1.4 2848.4 2946.3 7/5/13 £137.06
Japan 225 Buy 0.3 13410 14130 3/5/13 £216.00
USDCAD Buy 0.4 1.0197 1.0076 30/4/13 -£48.40
AUDUSD Buy 0.4 1.0336 1.0241 26/4/13 -£38.00
 Review Total £707.56

Representing a 28.3% return since the beginning of April.

Despite closing one position, as previously advised, another signal appeared on Friday, so we have taken another position in the markets- 5 positions OPEN at the present time.

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