I’m starting a new review on HAV Trading today but be aware that they are closing the doors on sales of this system in the next couple of days. It does come with a 60 day money back guarantee so I’d advise having a serious look at the website now and perhaps getting in before they close the doors. There is nothing to lose by doing so.

HAV Trading is a minimal effort for maximum returns trading system. There’s no technical analysis required, just two simple indicators for a clear, mechanical “yes” or “no” trading signal. You don’t even need to check either, as the system comes with weekly e-mails from the author which contain all the information you need to place and manage your trades, without even having to look at a chart.

And yes, I said weekly because that’s all the time you need to spend on this. It’s all more or less Set-and-Forget. There’s no chart watching involved and once a week on Monday morning you adjust stop levels on current trades.

You only get around 4 or 5 trades per month too so it’s a very relaxed, long term trading strategy.

The results look very impressive, with annual returns in excess of 50%, but if you compound your bank at the beginning of each year then obviously the figures start getting interesting.

Look at the results on the site and you’ll see how it turned a £25k bank into £1.7 million. Very nice work if you can get it.

I will run this test over the next few months and give my thoughts towards the end of summer, but with a 60 day money back guarantee I would urge anyone interested to give it a go along with me and see what you think for yourself.

You can get HAV Trading here: