Update August 2017

I have been looking at Heikin Ashi Mountain from Mark Rose’s Thames Publishing.

The system looks simple enough to operate with clear instructions on how to setup your charts and where the entry signals are. The exit strategy is also easy to follow and well explained.

We normally like to use £10 per pip for comparison with other ForEx systems, but as the system is based on daily charts it is not feasible for most folks to use this stake. The maximum stop is 200 pips, so you need roughly £100k at 2% risk to fund trades at this sort of level, so I monitored a more reasonable £5k starting bank.

Most trades were open for several days and spanned weekends.

For this update I am using data supplied by Mark; however, I have no reason to suspect that the data is not accurate. However, I am using monthly profit/loss returns which overrides compounding and makes a direct comparison difficult.

As of November 23rd I reported that my bank had increased to £4,900, only slightly down. The following 8 months have added a further 15% using the mixed strategy (A mix of 1:2 Reward/Risk (risk 2% to make 1%) and the original 2:1 Reward/Risk (risk 2% to make 4%)). This sort of return is way better than keeping your savings in a bank account! Since February 2016 the results show 80% profit, a very tidy return.

My review just happened to hit the worst period this method has gone through, and I had little option to fail it at that time. Since then, not only has the system recovered but it has gone on to make a nice profit. In the update in November I almost changed the rating to approved, but as the product continues to make long-term profits I am now minded to change the rating on this product to approved.

You can try Heikin Ashi Mountain HERE