I’m not sure why this system is called Hidden Winners. Going through the videos provided on the website, the vendor shows us how he goes about picking his selections according to form using the excellent Geegeez form website. For maiden races and those with little form, again, he looks down the obvious roads of trainer comments and market moves. I wouldn’t consider these avenues as hidden. You would expect winners that are hidden to be runners which have aspects about them in today’s race which are likely to elude market makers.

This is not a method of form reading whereby you’re necessarily likely to arrive at the same selections as vendor Michael, because everybody will spot different signs with different runners. In reviewing this service, therefore, I will treat it as a tipster service with added extras, rather than a system as alluded to when we launched this earlier this month.

There is some discussion on the website about staking, and how different bettor types should bet within their comfort zones. He has produced results based on 2 points win for odds of 7.0 and below, and 1 point each way for higher odds. These are based on 10am prices as available on Oddschecker.

There are two sets of (unverified) results on the website going back to October 2019, and these look very interesting. 424 points profit to BSP, and 538 points for early prices, to the 2pt win/1pt ew system. The second system is simply 1 pt win all bets, showing +300 points for early prices and 237 points to BSP. These win only results are better than the each way option, if you double the stake so it is equivalent.

I have been monitoring the bets since the beginning of the month. Using 1 point win stakes or half each way, I have recorded 19 points profit at early prices, and 26 points profit at BSP. I haven’t recorded the early prices for BOG bookies but it will be better than the 19 points. I am very impressed with this return, but like the pre-trial results, I have found that single win bets are even more profitable, showing a very impressive 41 point profit to BSP.

Based on pre-trial and my own monitoring since the start of this month, I reckon this service deserves your attention, and my recommendation is that you bet to one point win only stakes.

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