We have a new service launch from Lucrative Racing today which comes with a free trial. What’s good is that they are giving the strategy away for free so you don’t even need to subscribe to the service to get the selections, you can work them out for yourself.

It’ll probably be worth getting the selections during the free trial, just to check you’re identifying the right ones, and then you can choose to continue with the paid service if you can’t be bothered doing the work yourself, or just use the strategy.

This strategy will enable you to find the hidden winners in certain types of horse races, even when there is little to no previous form to go on.

Hidden Winners has been proofed since October last year, and has generated 389.37 points profit with an ROI of 31.2%.

All at Betfair SP (minus 5% commission)

If you do the maths you’ll see you can earn a very tasty second income even at conservative stakes.

Plus, with access to the selections it takes just 1 – 2 minutes per day to place your bets.

And remember, if you register via the link below right now, you’ll get access to all the above for the next 7 days, completely free:

Hidden Winners