Time for an update on this system.

The bot has worked flawlessly since I began running it in February 2011.

It took my £500 bank up to £970 at one point in July and if this had continued I would have been very impressed indeed.

However, it’s not all good news.

Since July the bank has slowly dwindled and has now gone back to £510, only £10 up on my original bank.

I think for any system or service, fully automated or not, to only make £10 profit in seven months, is not good.

If I left it running for another six months it may well double the bank again, but then it may well lose it all again as we’ve just seen.

So the system/bot hasn’t lost any money, but it’s not made any either and I have no intention of carrying on using it.

I’ve recategorized this system as Neutral.

It’s currently not for sale but if they decide to make it available again you will be able to get High Class Hype Horses here: