This is a new horse racing laying system by Richard Ashdown and comes in the form of a downloadable PDF with, impressively, a betting bot to do everything for you.

The manual is 36 pages long, well written and comprehensive, explaining how it works and why it works. Essentially there are only 5 rules, but the manual goes through each step in detail with diagrams to show you where to look and what to look for, so you will never be in any doubt as to whether you have the correct selection.

However, all of the above becomes unnecessary if you decide to use the bot that comes with it. This is the clever bit. There is nothing extra to pay for the bot, no ongoing subscriptions, no upgrade fee’s etc. All you do is load it up, input your Betfair username and password, input what you want to stake, and click Start. The thing then runs 24/7 without any further input required.

Some of the Key points advertised about this product are:

High Class Hype Horses (HCHH) is a fully automated, proven laying system with a 75.3% success rate

HCHH’s sensible staking plan would have turned a £1,000 bank into over £55,000 in four years

It operates in an area of the market where liquidity is never a problem, so prices won’t be affected

Included is software that automates the whole process.

There is bonus software that automates the free 3F0 system manual issued last week

Price is £197

There is a full money-back guarantee for 30 days

I’ll be running a test on this from today with level lay stakes of £10, using the bot on my Virtual Server and leaving it on all the time. So it’ll be an easy test. I’ll do weekly updates.

You can get High Class Hype Horses here: