High Strike Lays profits from laying selections and achieving the all important strike rate, that so few laying systems in the market actually achieve. It is a tipping service, and the historical results are certainly impressive with seemingly, no losing months since the start of the year.

Subscription to the service is via monthly recurring fee of $115 (approx. £70) to your Paypal account.

The selections are emailed before 10.30 each day – UK and Irish races – Monday to Saturday (Sunday is a no tip/betting day for this system), you simply lay the selections off at a time to suit or load into your bot. They suggest using a 5% liability staking plan but do say that impressive results have also been achieved with level staking too. So, when to take the price and what staking method you employ is personal choice. Personally, I used a fixed liability plan as when I compared to the other options this gave the best return for a comfortable staking liability, which must be considered given that some of the lay prices historically have been as high as 25.8. So, you will either need the comfort of limiting your losses using a sensible liability staking plan or own a pair of steel ‘kahoonas’ to be laying selections at that level! I took BSP pricing too.

Herewith the results of this service… disappointing to say the least- with the three most recent days having a tough time of it taking a good chunk (and more), of previous profits with it,….with a winners to losers ratio of over 3:1 , too many losers to make good the bank which has gone too far ‘south’ to be able to recover in the remaining few days of this trial.


Start bank : £1000 / Fixed liability stake £30
Note : winning selection is a successful LAY bet

DAY 40 : Sunday 10th No bet day

DAY 41 : Monday 11th  – 2 winners / £+9.95 profit

DAY 42 : Tuesday 12th  – 4 winners , 1 loser / £+0.33 profit

DAY 43 : Wednesday 13th  – 1 winner  / £+10.04 profit

DAY 44 : Thursday  14th  – 7 winners , 1 loser / £+20.39 profit

DAY 45 : Friday 15th  – 3 winners  / £+19.89 profit

DAY 46 : Saturday 16th  – 2 winners , 2 losers / £-50.03 LOSS

DAY 47 : Sunday NO BET DAY

DAY 48 : Monday 18th  – 2 winners  / £+9.14 profit

DAY 49 : Tuesday 19th  – 3 winners, 3 losers / £-81.30 LOSS

DAY 50 : Wednesday 20th  – 4 winners, 2 losers / £-33.59 LOSS


Current bank : £559.49 (£440.51 loss)

(125 winning / 166 selections) =75.3% strike rate

Despite, the poor results during this trial, historically the service has provided sound results and as luck would have it, the worst results have been experienced during this trial period. So, I am not going to condemn this service on the basis of the horrendous results  we have seen here. I am sure judging by the earlier successes, better days will return  soon.  On this basis, I am going to award this service a NEUTRAL rating with consideration for a re-trial at another time when hopefully it will be proven to be a  ‘blip’ –  which most  systems go through from time to time.

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UPDATE September 2012

I wanted to provide readers with an update for this LAY tipping service reviewed back in June.

It was my intention to  assess whether fortunes had changed and the results achieved could have pulled the bank back into the black. To do this  I need results.
However, the website results have not been updated since June and despite half a dozen emails to the administrator of this service  my requests appear to have fallen on deaf ears, with the results failing to be updated some two months after the last posting. Draw what conclusions you will from this….

Therefore, with the trial bank suffering losses amounting to 28% of the starting balance of £1000 I can only rate this service as FAILED.

You can try High Strike Lays here: