Here’s an update on the HSL lay tipping service.

Since I concluded my trial of this service middle of last month – the service has had a far better run of it – managing 18 consecutive winning lay bets / by the end of June a total of 24 winning lay bets and 1 losing lay bet. This good period  has recovered some of the devastation suffered to the bank earlier last month as it now stands at £723.91. So still 28% DOWN on the starting balance of £1000.

(149 winning / 191 selections) = 78% strike rate

As I have stated before, prior to this trial – results for this service were consistently profitable.  The level stakes results are summarised below :

January +34.76 pts
February  +59.29 pts
March +28.05 pts
April +37.18 pts
May -33.5
June +17.5 pts

Clearly, May was a bad time for this service. Reasonably, with a history such as this – I figured May to be a periodic blip in proceedings hence my justification for  the NEUTRAL Rating that I awarded this service.
So, I will post again end of July to see if the bank has been able to get back into profit and beyond perhaps….?

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