At the risk of sounding repetitive, it’s been another fantastic month with a massive 90 points profit being made. (Since then, we’ve actually had another winner at the start of the new month, which wipes out the losses for June and puts us back in front again!).

That’s 472 points profit so far this year, with some great opportunities already earmarked for the next couple of months to aim for another record-breaking year. (617 points last year, 500 points in 2012).

As I’ve said before, I consider anything over 10 points a month to be excellent, and would be more than happy with any service producing 100 points a year (£2,500 at £25 stakes pays for a nice holiday!).

But it’s only August and so far this year this service has made £11,800 profit; tax free, at £25 stakes.

That’s a premium holiday with first class flights. Not bad for a few bets a day.

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