May ended up 2.33 points down by the end of the month which was a shame as it had a cracking start.

Still, the latest draw down is nothing new and in line with previous months. With backing value selections you have to be prepared for losing months as well as winning months. The important thing is that it makes a decent long term profit.

Check out the latest profit graph:


To £100 stakes that’s £137,599 profit in just over two years. And for the more modest punter, it’s still £34,399 profit at £25 stakes. This is certainly a professional service.

If you would like to dip your toes in and see if this service is for you, Ross has set up a special one month offer, just for Cash Master readers, at just £45.

This is not a recurring subscription, you just get the one month, but that is long enough for you to decide if this service is something that can fit in your portfolio.

You can get the special offer here:

Cash Master Special Offer

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