I’ve been receiving the tips for Horse Betting Analyst since January this year and so now is a good time to review my results.

Horse Betting Analyst is a horse tipping service that has been running since 2009 and has recorded a track record of £120,000+ profit to £100 stakes (which isn’t too shabby at £25 stakes either!)

Like any successful racing service, they concentrate on getting value in their selections and making a profit over the long term.

The tips are sent by e-mail each morning and selections are given with a number of points advised to stake on each with the current best odds available at Best Odds Guaranteed bookies. There are win and each way bets and fairly often you get some overnight ante post bets given out at very good odds.

An example e-mail is like this:

For Thursday 9th May 2013

2.15 Chester


(BOG = Best Odds Guaranteed)

The communication with the owner is excellent although I’ve never felt much need to do so as it’s all pretty straightforward.

And so on to the results.

22 bets with 4 winners
8.8 points profit

22 bets with 4 winners
-64.37 points loss

40 bets with 5 winners
2.8 points profit

39 bets with 12 winners
214.88 points profit

May (to date):
14 bets with 6 winners
67.5 points profit

Total: 137 bets with 31 winners (23% strike rate)

229.61 points profit

£22,961 at £100 a bet
£5,740.25 at £25 a bet

Now anyone that joined at the beginning of this year could be forgiven for thinking this service wasn’t up to much, in the first few months anyway. It recorded a loss of 64 points in February and a small 2.8 point profit in March.

But I’m familiar with how this sort of betting operates. This winter was particularly hard on nearly all services that sought value in their betting, so I wasn’t at all surprised at the results. And sure enough, come the spring and the results sprang back with a vengeance. 214 points in April is incredible by any standards and certainly made up for the harsh winter period.

I consider any service that makes 50+ points a year to be a worthwhile service. This has made 229 points in four and a half months and during the toughest winter that I can remember for backing value horses.

I have no hesitation at all in giving this a big thumbs up and am looking forward to how it progresses over the summer months. I will be giving periodic updates throughout the summer.

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UPDATE November 2013

We finished our review of this service back in May so I thought it a good time for an update.

The last five months have been astounding, all profitable, and totalling 344 points over that time:

Jun: 19.68
Jul: 226.40
Aug: 50.6
Sep: 7.15
Oct: 40.93

They are also currently 504 points in profit for 2013 which is possibly the most profitable service we’ve reviewed!

This is definitely a service you should have in your betting portfolio if you want to make a living, or an additional income, from horse racing.

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January 2014

This is without a doubt one of the best horse racing services I’ve come across.

They finished the year in fantastic style, with a further 83 points profit to add to the total – making an incredible 617 points profit for the year!

That’s an average of 51 points per month, with 10 profitable months and 7 consecutive profitable months from June onwards.

This is, of course, on top of the 500 points they made in 2012 which, I think you’ll agree, is a truly phenomenal 1117 points in 2 years.

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April 2014

Yet another fantastic month showing 80 points profit! (Strike Rate 30.7%, ROI 38.79%).

That’s the 10th consecutive month of profits, with an average of 75 points per month made in that time:

Mar 80.30
Feb 106.20
Jan 105.00
Dec 83.05
Nov 30.00
Oct 40.93
Sep 7.15
Aug 50.60
Jul 226.40
Jun 19.68

We’ve started the year in cracking form with 291 points profit in just 3 months at an ROI of 64.3%!

Coming off the back of 617 points in 2013 and 500 in 2012, are we set for another astonishing record points haul by the end of 2014? Certainly, with the days starting to get lighter, the sky could be the limit.

If you’re not a subscriber already, what are you waiting for?

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UPDATE May 2014

Here are the results for April – a shorter month than usual as they’ve been taking a bit of a break to “recharge the batteries” for the last couple of weeks.

Certainly hasn’t affected their performance, though, with another 40 points profit to add to the total!

That makes 11 consecutive profitable months.

In those months they’ve made an astounding 789 points profit – an average per month of 71 points!

Just this year we’re at 331 points profit (after only 4 months), with one of their proofing services showing 200 points profit over this period to Betfair SP!

And we’re now heading into what is traditionally a very good period for the service – the summer months. So with their pro rata subscription rate now just £250 for the next 3 months, there’s never been a better time to follow The Analyst.

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