Final Review

This is a nice, straightforward, horse laying service.

Selections are sent out by 8am by e-mail and you get between one and five bets each day. Odds are generally between 2.0 and 6.0 so no big losses on losing bets and you bet to level stakes so no chasing losses.

You simply get the e-mail, place your bets and you’re done for the day.

I use The Bet Engine to place my bets for me because it keeps a handy record of all the bets and profit/loss etc but you can just place your bets directly into Betfair when you get the e-mail, no bots required.

I felt confident about this service. It has five years of profitable results so I bet with real money at £25 level stakes.

I started on 22nd May and the results so far are:

Bets: 353
Successful: 266
Unsuccessful: 87
Strike Rate: 75.4
Avg Odds: 3.90

Profit: £1,147.21

Like any service, I expect this to have good and bad months. I had two great months where most of this profit was made, and two months where I drew about even.

At the moment I have no hesitation in giving this a massive thumbs up. I will certainly continue to use this service myself and will update my results on a monthly basis.

If you are looking for an easy, profitable, laying service for your portfolio then you should give this a go.


You can try Horse Laying Professionals for just £7 here: