Thanks go to David Peat for allowing me access to the Horse Profiles members site for the past month.

Horse Profiles is billed as an alternative way of looking at a given horse’s form and it is clear that David has done a lot of work examining each horse running over the National Hunt season (and the AW racing), looking at the horse’s form from a number of different angles. For example, how well does it do on certain ground, on certain race distances, at given weights, etc. Out of this research, David has managed to build up a complete dossier on each horse, listing the postives, negatives and working out the optimal running conditions.

The one off members fee gives you access to a members website, containing the two dossiers – one for National Hunt racing, the other for All Weather racing – as well as various reports that give a statistical analysis of various types of races or tracks. Each day, David goes through the day’s runners, assesses them against the original profiles, and indicates any horses that are running against positive or optimal profiles. Some guideline bets are also given.

Results are updated weekly and posted on the site along with a commentary on the past week’s racing. At the time of writing, David had been having some Internet problems so the results/reports were running a couple of weeks behind schedule. He was hoping to update them this week.

Horse Profiles has only been running since the start of the current NH season, so it is still fairly early days. However, the bets identified so far have yielded a mild loss on both NH (optimal and positive) and AW racing. As with all of these things (and there are similar offerings like Trainer Track Stats), it only takes one big priced winner to put things back in the positive, so it is not possible to pass comment on the overall performance at this stage.

Overall, I think I have to award Horse Profiles a neutral rating at this point – as it is too early to determine whether this alternative way of looking at form presents provides significant benefit’s. I will put a note in my diary to revisit this at the end of the NH season to check how things have panned out across the season.