Last week I told you about the upcoming Horse Race Predictor Masterclass 2020 but there have been some fantastic developments since then that has cut the price by more than half and added extra stuff!

Here is the update from Gav:

When we decided to offer the Masterclass Workshop the vision was to offer a small number of people training on how to kick start their success with The Horse Race Predictor.

We have had a lot of interest and because we don’t want to compromise this idea where we can provide hands-on learning and direct tuition to those who attend, we have come up with a perfect solution.

  • Increase the number of live events each year
  • Make them more convenient by condensing the syllabus into a one day intensive

This means that we can reduce the price by more than half and substantially increase the value that each member can realistically expect from the event.

In addition, we can now offer subscribers who attend the Masterclass seminar FREE access to our groundbreaking HRP Automiser – where the bets we use daily on the site are fully automated in staking and placement.

However, this is sure to increase demand so please do not hesitate to take action by selecting your event and ensuring you don’t miss out on this unique (and now cut-price) opportunity to transform your financial circumstances, improve your work/life balance and establish a fully proofed routine to generate substantial daily profits via successful betting on the UK and Irish horse race markets.

We know exactly how to do it – and you can look forward to walking out at the end of the day, knowing exactly how to do it yourself!

Over the past year we have been steadily improving not only the service we give to members but also the number of ways they can win.

Just look at this statistic from the past 4 months:

Number of first race winning days: 85%

On more than 8 days out of every 10 you would have landed your betting club profit and grown your bank in the very first race of the day. Literally, 5 minutes of work.

This is what Simon of Doncaster said:

‘I joined 2 months ago after putting it off for months because I was worried that it would take up too much time to build a steady income. I’m not greedy only looking for £50 – £75 per day to supplement my income. In reality, I have hit my financial target easy enough but the crazy thing is it only takes me 10 mins a day! Most time ever was 30 mins last Friday. So about 10 mins to earn what I otherwise would spend all day on, doing my regular day job. Great work and service, thank you’

Why don’t you look into our popular HRP Masterclass events? This new schedule comprises an intensive one day workshop to get a member fully fast tracked into successful and profitable daily betting. It also includes an incredible deal which includes our bespoke bet automation tool the HRP Automiser – so you can bet on autopilot on busier days.

It really is exciting to present to you our unique one day intensive training days designed for you to “kickstart” your success with The Horse Race Predictor.

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