If you are wondering whether the HRP Masterclass is for you, perhaps an insight in to how well some of the available systems are doing this year may help you.

Most of the time, you win on the first race. My personal rule is to stop on a first race winner regardless of whether the daily target has been met, and many of the systems adopt this rule too. The good news is that 85% win on first race (based on data from the last 4 months).

The figures I do have for January are:

  • The Squire Cross Method +210%
  • Gav’s Dutch Gold & Diamond +29.2% (This is run to a lower daily target than the other methods0
  • The Mighty Tosh – LSP Races & HRP Top Rated +49.5%
  • Bocco’s Coupmaster Break-even
  • Dr Rob
    • One bet A Day. Break even.
    •  Tripler. Break even.
  • LK’s Place Bonanza Method
    • Place Diamond +124%
    • FavPlacer +14%

If I equally invested £1,000 across these 8 systems, that is £125 each, I’d have increased by bank to £1,533, over 50% in 1 month.

Regrettably I don’t have any figures for, possibly, the best methods on the site at the moment:

  • HRP Top Rated
  • HRP Dutching Suite
    Over 90% strike rate, never a losing run of more than 3 (sample 1500 bets)
  • Or what appears to be very good HRP Goldmine. Over 80% strike rate.
  • I am looking forward to the Masterclass so I can learn more about these methods.

The Masterclass  is also releasing the next generation of the new automation software which has more options, more methods and more flexibility. This release even includes football too! I am told that I am going to love it!

I do bet some of the above live, but I make mistakes. I have decided to wait for the Masterclass, and the new automation software to help eradicate them, so I am not recording data through February.

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