I have been reviewing Horse Racing – Lay The Best; a piece of software for £24.99 per year that scans the day’s racing and produces up to five (in my experience either five or nothing) selections to lay at odds of 4 or under. The software has the ability to save files for input in to TheBetEngine or the BetSender apps.

It is just that simple to use.

After an initial good start there was a bad couple of weeks from which the software has been unable to recover; as you can see below appropriately 2/3rds of the trial has seen broadly sideways profits. The trial ended down 7.63 points with a strike rate of 62.5%. Not a disaster and easily recoverable if the software finds its initial form once again.


The maximum losing streak was only 4 races, so when considering the bank you could consider being fairly aggressive. I cannot recommend banking and staking systems though, you have to determine that for yourself.

I cannot recommend this software because the trial has ended with a deficit, but the deficit is small enough that I cannot fail this either. It is a pity that the sales page historic results is an image as this make it difficult to tell whether the software was in profit before this trial start on 1st July. Whilst I am going Neutral with this, for £24.99 and a smallish bank of a few hundred pounds it may be worth a punt.

You can get Lay The Best here:Neutral