An uneven week with Thursday lost due to website issues. However, the loss is only 2 points given my stakes, so not as bad as it appears.

Week 2: Bets 17, Wins 8, Profit -£ 456.91, BSP Profit -£ 463.73
Overall: Bets 104, Wins 49, Profit £ 731.18, BSP Profit £ 154.63

There are other ways to play the selections. I am using a flat 10% of bank recalculated daily. You could go 10% of bank in the place market, which seems to be successful; more wins for smaller profits. You could also use a stake plan like the Platinum plan.

I am trying to keep an eye on a new offering – Fav Goldmine. However this does require that I am at my computer for at least some of the afternoon’s races. I have significant health issues, so I am unable to do this every day. I’ll collect some data and will decide whether the data paints a representative picture. This week saw a 6% growth in bank, but I missed a losing and a winning day. I don’t know what happened Sunday.