Up and down week but, for once, not putting any pressure on my bank. Stakes here are £254 (on paper, I wish I was that rich!) so only just over a 1 point loss and still roughly 2 points up.

Week 3: Bets 18, Wins 9, Profit -£ 309.68, BSP Profit -£ 419.20
Overall: Bets 122, Wins 58, Profit £ 421.49, BSP Profit -£ 265.27

Dr Bob (for new members) was break even for me.

Goldmine averaging +1.13% of bank each day. I have switched take plans from C20 to Platinum; I hope this will improve the profits.

Goldmine place (bet place market on favourite). Only done Friday & Saturday but +9%. Staking to make 1% profit per race.

Dutch suite. Here too just Friday and Saturday for +8%. Also using Platinum stake plan for this.

Bar Tripler, all the above a real money bets on Betfair using 2% commission.