Due to continuing (very) poor health that has dogged me most of this year, I am unable to use most of the Horse Racing Predictor (HRP) products. However, the Tripler can be used as a set-and-forget service, and this is the HRP service I am currently using.

The Tripler gives you three bets per day. Technically these should be bet individually using HRP’s Coup or Platinum staking plans. I also go Win only, there are variations that use the place markets in part or wholly. For the reasons above, that wouldn’t work for me, so I simply stake 10% of bank ratchet (don’t reduce stakes). This is very aggressive and runs a high risk of blowing the bank on 10 consecutive losers; there was a run of 6 losers this week! My starting bank is £1,000.

I use OddsChecker to find the best prices at around 9a.m. I am tracking the BSP price too.

Week 1: Bets 45, Wins 21, Profit £1068.13, BSP Profit £509.90. New bank is £2,068 or £1, 510 or Betfair.

A brilliant 106% profit in week 1! Hopefully this can keep going. Let’s not get exited over 45 bets though.

You can get Horse Racing Predictor here