A cracking week on the weekday bets bringing this aspect of the service into profit (to advised odds).

Not so good on the weekend service as there were no Sunday bets for the second week running. I would be a tad disappointed if subscribing to this service but I have to recognise that if Joey is unable to find any bets he can’t post any; I’d rather that than manufactured bets just to get something out.

The 7-day period benefited from the excellent Monday-Friday bets and also had a cracking week which saw the service in profit (to advised odds) for a little while.

We are only at week 4 but the early trend seems to favour betting on the exchanges than at the bookies. I will be keeping an eye on that.

(Using £10 stakes)
Week 4 Monday to Friday
Bets 14, Wins 8, Profit £103.90, BSP £151.09
Overall Monday to Friday
Bets 68, Wins 21, Profit £4.00, BSP £70.76

Week 4 Saturday and Sunday
Bets 2, Wins 0, Profit £-20.00, BSP £-20.00
Overall Saturday and Sunday
Bets 15, Wins 4, Profit £-21.20, BSP £-7.98

Week 4 7 Days
Bets 16, Wins 8, Profit £83.90, BSP £131.09
Overall 7 Days
Bets 83, Wins 25, Profit £-17.20, BSP £62.78