I am starting a 3-month trial of Horse Racing Tips Pro. You get today’s selection by either logging in to the members’ area on the website or via email. Taken from the ‘Strategy Explained’ page:

  • I recommend maintaining a minimum balance of £1,000. With this balance, the advised betting amount is £10.
  • For demonstrating results, I use a hypothetical bank of £1,000 and place £10 on each wager.
  • The stake per bet remains consistent. Hence, with a £1,000 balance, your stake would be £10. If your balance doubles to £2,000, you can adjust your stake to £20.
  • Betting tips are provided daily. It’s important to place your bets as soon as you receive the tip.

I am, therefore, going to follow this at £10 per bet, which is the CashMaster standard amount anyway.

As per usual with this sort of trial, I will record results using the advised prices on the email and Betfair SP with a 2% reduction for commission on winning bets. I don’t use BOG or other bookmaker “special” bet offers as these perks can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

You can get Horse Racing Tips Pro here