Due to the fact that Houghton’s Hot Horses has been removed from sale I will be give you a review based on the results over the past three weeks.

You receive a 21 page ebook which gives clear selection process that is simple and easy to understand even for the complete novice. You are then given a walk through example of a race and horse selection process to make sure you understand it. It would take you between five to ten minutes to find the selections and they even have a members page where selections are posted for you by 10.30am.

I used a £10 level stake and if there were two horses that met the criteria in one race I used the dutching method and used 2 points as suggested in the ebook.

The results have been very up and down. I had two losing weeks and one winning week. The £200 starting bank finished at £160 so a loss of £40 for the three week period with one week producing a profit of £85 to £10 stakes but the other two weeks losing a total of £125.

As we only had three weeks to test this it is impossible to tell if it’s profitable over the long term but if it is then you will need to be very patient and have a reasonable sized betting bank for when you have the bad weeks.

As we only have three weeks results I would move this to the Neutral section  although I will continue to monitor this and update later in the year.

You can get Houghton’s Hot Horses here: