Did you see the Derren Brown episode “How to Beat a Casino”?

Here’s the trailer:

And you can see the full episode on 4oD if you’re in the UK.

I’m a big fan of Derren Brown, so was intrigued to see if he could actually beat the roulette wheel.

I’ve always been of the opinion that you can never make money long term from casinos unless you are counting cards on Blackjack. And this is totally true of online casinos, so please don’t ever get enticed into buying or even trying any of the free ‘Win at online roulette’ systems out there, and there are many. There are ALL designed to make money for the vendor who gets affiliate commission from you joining the online casino, plus a share of the ‘revenue’ which means… your losses!

But real, physical casinos are a different thing altogether. Yes, for the vast majority of punters, they are there to take your money, even if you win in the short term you will ALWAYS lose over time due to the house having the edge. But I’m sure you’ve heard about people making a few million here and there by counting cards in blackjack.

Well, when I saw the Derren Brown episode, it appears it’s also possible to win at roulette. It was not a trick or clever scam but he really was gauging the speed of the wheel and velocity of the ball and predicting where it would actually land.

(Spoiler Alert: In the show he doesn’t actually do it, but he did get the number next to it which is very impressive, especially considering he only placed the one bet)

Well, it turns out, he is not the only person able to do this.

Look at this:


So why am I telling you this?

Well, because in November last year I was approached by a chap who told me he could do it (without gadgets). In fact, he does it for a living. And… he showed me how to do it too.

Stay tuned….