Inheritance tax.

If you’re like most people, reading those two words will probably make you angry.

Some have called it “the most hated tax in Britain”.

Even Tony Benn – that firm stalwart of the Labour left – did everything he could to wriggle out of it.

It’s a tax that most of us don’t even like to think about.

If you’re anything like me, that’s because the thought of paying it leaves a bad taste in your mouth…

But the truth is, it’s only right to think about this now – before it’s too late. Especially because the cost of not doing so could be severe.

It could leave your family with big financial problems. And lead to your assets being sold off…

But what if I told you there’s a way you can turn this whole situation on its head?

A way for you to use the tax man’s own rules against him… to make up to £2m of your wealth effectively ‘disappear’ off the radar.

Perhaps best of all, this strategy is 100% legal and ethical.

It’s simple and it’s hiding in plain sight – yet most people still don’t know about it.

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